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Class III / NFA Firearms

Range Fees & Memberships Overview

DFW Gun Range and training Center is your Class III headquarters. Our Class III specialists will show you how easy it really is to obtain a silencer, a machine gun, a short barreled rifle or shotgun. There are many misconceptions about this category of firearms but we will guide you through the process from filling out your paperwork to the day you become a member of an exclusive world of collectable and specialty firearms!

Need a trust for your Class III NFA Firearms? We work with our friends at Texas Law Shield to make the process of owning Class III firearms a secure and smooth process. Check Texas Law Shield's NFA TRUST at

Looking for silencers for your firearm? We also stock a full line of silencers from the following manufacturers:

  • Advanced Armory Corp.
  • Gem-tech
  • SilencerCO

Come shoot a REAL machine gun and try out a silenced pistol or rifle! We are exclusive to this kind of service in the DFW area. We have a selection of sub-machine guns and suppressed firearms. See our list of shooting packages in our gun rental list & selections so you may try before you buy. Video games are cool, but the experience of shooting a REAL machine gun or silenced firearm is a memory that last forever!