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Security Officer - Continuing Education

Conductive Energy Weapons or Stun Guns

Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW) or stun gun devices save lives and are generically known as electronic control devices. CEW type devices such as the TASER® brand of products are among the safest use-of-force options available today. CEW systems are proprietary technology to safely incapacitate dangerous, combative or high-risk individuals who pose a risk to law enforcement and security officers, innocent citizens or themselves. CEW or stun gun type devices have been proven statistically to dramatically reduce injury rates to suspects and officers.

This course is designed to provide training on the use of CEW or stun gun devices. Force options and decision making, tactics, medical issues, weapon maintenance and personal safety are just a few of the topics covered in this workshop.

Subjects Covered:
•Technology overview
•Electrical and medical background
•How CEWs work to incapacitate
•Student exposure
•Device maintenance
•Firing drills
•Drive stun
•Tactical considerations
•Probe removal considerations
•Comparison of various models
•Field applications & what can go wrong
•Safety considerations and associated risks
•Practical scenario(s) and written examination

Required Equipment:
Students will be required to purchase, at our location on day of class, two(2) new/unused cartridges for purpose of use during class instruction.

Students should have a current and valid registration as a Non-Commissioned or Commissioned Security Officer.

Cost: $175.00 (8 hours)

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Pepper Spray for Security

THIS COURSE IS LIMITED IN AVAILABILITY AND IS OFFERED ONCE EVERY QUARTER. This is a packaged set of training courses that include Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC, ASP or expandable baton. This course is a focused curriculum on the use of these defensive tools specifically designed for the certification of the Texas security officer.

This class will give you a thorough understanding of how pepper sprays work on an assailant, the legalities associated with their use, and how to deploy pepper spray quickly and effectively. You will learn how to use unarmed self defense skills to gain the time necessary to use the sprays. And you will even get to practice those defenses and spray an attacker with inert spray during simulated confrontations.

The benefits to this training program are a reduction in officer/subject injury, reduced exposure to civil/criminal liability, reduced workers compensation claims and an increase in officer safety.

Subjects Covered:

Oleoresin Capsicum

  • Keeping from spraying oneself
  • What happens if you are sprayed
  • Keeping an assailant from taking your OC
  • Multiple assailants
  • OC on animals
  • Legalities of carry.

Cost: $65.00 (4 hours)

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PSB Level 4 Requalification for PPO Security Officers (6hrs)

Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau (PSB) requires 6 hours of Continuing Education training every two (2) years to renew the PPO Security Officer License. This course provides the Level IV re-qualification training and certification as required by the State of Texas and the PSB to renew your expired or expiring PPO.

We will need all individuals that participate in this class to complete a safety waiver. This can be done in store, however, for speedy check in you may fill this waiver out at this website in advance


Level IV (PPO), either expired or expiring.

Cost: $75.00 (6 hours)

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Static Pistol Marksmanship

Take your firearm handling skills to the next level with our Static Pistol Marksmanship course! Designed for security officers looking to move beyond the basics of firearm handling, this course introduces students to the essential skills needed in real world encounters. This course was designed and is instructed by our school director.


  • Level III Commissioned Security Officer training (required, please bring your PSB pocket card or Level III training certificate as evidence)

Required Equipment:

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear (duty uniform recommended)
  • Full duty belt including duty holster, dual magazine case, and handcuff case
  • Full duty equipment including flashlight and handcuffs
  • Handgun (minimum caliber 9mm or .38spl) with three magazines or two speed loaders
  • 150 rounds ammunition (200 recommended)

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge of selection and placement for holster and duty equipment
  • Develop knowledge of handgun ballistics and duty ammunition selection
  • Reinforce fundamentals of handgun marksmanship
  • Develop skills for engagement of targets from the holster, low ready, and high ready
  • Develop skills for engagement of targets in low-light conditions
  • Develop alternative shooting positions including kneeling, prone, behind wall cover, behind vehicle cover, and downed arm

Cost: $125.00 (8 hours)

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