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Private CHL/LTC (License to Carry)

To Set up a private CHL/LTC contact For those of you that would like more of a one on one setting, DFW Gun offers a Private CHL Class. This can be done one on one with your own personal instructor, or for you and up to 14 friends. Each individual must pay the private CHL fee. This can be done by the original registrant contacting DFW Gun and adding additional individuals to the class.

Effective September 1, 2013, the Texas Concealed Handgun License Class is a Four Hour Class, not including RANGE TIME. Our class will be approximately Five hours with range time.

Upon successful completion of the class and submission of the application materials, the state will issue you a license as soon as 60 days, assuming there is no legal disqualification. Our CHL class package includes the following:

  1. Training by a DPS certified instructor
  2. Qualify on our in house DPS approved range (indoor, safe, clean, & climate controlled)
  3. Application Preparation Assistance
  4. Handgun (if none available by student) for use during range qualification
  5. Safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification

Note: In accordance with the State of Texas as of March 1, 2011, all fingerprints must now be done electronically through an L1 finger printing location. We will also be referring students to L1 for their passport photos.

Subjects Covered:

  • Concealed carry law
  • Where you can carry and where you cannot
  • When you can use force or deadly force
  • Legal implications of use of force or deadly force
  • Texas weapons laws
  • Nonviolent dispute resolution
  • Firearms safety

If you have further questions, please call at 214-630-4866 or check out the Department of Public Safety’s website at

Required Equipment:

Handgun gun, 50 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification. It is no longer required to have your application packet before you begin class. If you do not have your Application Packet, we have them available.


There is a qualification at the end of this class. We will give guidance on handgun safety, but you must have basic handgun skills and shooting experience prior to this class in order to qualify.


There are currently no scheduled classes for this course. Please check back soon.