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Youth Firearms Safety

This Youth Firearms Safety training class will teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for minors to use a firearm safely. In addition, this class has been designed as a one-on-one with the instructor, which means he is not required to maintain a rigid agenda, and can focus or add to areas of need as required by you and the student.

Subjects Covered:

  • Handgun Knowledge & safe handling
  • Ammunition knowledge
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Actual Range Shooting
  • One-On-One Training
  • Eye & ear protection, guns & targets

This class is designed for young people with little to no knowledge of handguns. The first hour of the class is spent in the classroom discussing the different types of handguns and how to handle them safely, ammunition, and the fundamentals of shooting.

The second hour is spent on the range, doing actual shooting with a variety of guns, chosen by the parent and the instructor to fit the shooter. The basics of stance, sight picture, and trigger control are emphasized to maximize success the first time out. After completing this class, the shooter will be able to safely use the range with only parent or guardian supervision.

Private Groups: When registering, you are securing 1 seat in a class. Once registered, that time slot will be reserved and will not allow any further outside registration for that date and time. If you would like to add more participants, you may add them at the range before or on the day of class.

Parent/guardian requirement:

This course is for children under the age of 18. Anyone over 18 should take the Introduction course for the type of firearm desired.
A registration in this course is for the youth shooter. A parent or guardian for every minor must be present during the length of the course but won’t participate. They must also make any ammunition purchases.
If the parent/guardian would like to actively participate with the youth, they can register for the course as well on the day of the class.

Required Equipment:

25-50 rounds of ammunition. Price does not include ammunition but can be selected based on preference of student during course. Note: Can be purchased at the range for range shooting portion of the course.




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  • January 22, 2021 04:30 PM (Class Full)