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Intermediate Handgun - Individual

This Intermediate Handguns firearms training class will take students beyond basic handgun skills.

Subjects Covered:

  • Intermediate handgun techniques
  • Clearing jams
  • Reloading quickly
  • Actual Range Shooting
  • Controlled pairs
  • In-depth ammunition knowledge

This class is designed for the people who know the basics of handgun operation and want to take the next step. This is a one on one class with a private instructor. The first hour of class is spent in the classroom discussing handgun and ammunition knowledge and new techniques. The second hour is spent on the range, doing actual shooting, learning and practicing the new techniques. After the class, the shooter will be able to handle and manipulate a handgun at a more advanced level.

Techniques Practiced:

Trigger reset, chamber indicator, press checking, speed reload, tactical reload, jam clearing (4 types), double taps, accuracy vs. speed, one hand shooting

Required Equipment:

50 rounds of ammunition. Price does not include ammunition but can be selected based on preference of student during course. Note: Can be purchased at the range for range shooting portion of the course. Two mags or speed loader for revolvers.


Intro to handguns or Women’s Basic Pistol or similar skill level


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