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An Introduction to Rifles/Carbines - Small Group

This Introduction to Rifles and Carbines is a 2 hour firearms training course designed to instruct basic knowledge, skills and tactics associated with owning and operating the Rifle and Carbine safely.
The course can cover the use of: M4/M16/AR-15, AR/AK Pistol, AK47/74, Galil, M1A/M14/M1Carbine/Mini14/Mini30, G3/CETME, Tavor, Aug, Uzi, Pistol Caliber Carbine/PCC, Semi-Auto, Bolt-Action, etc. for target shooting, hunting and plinking. The course includes: eye & ear protection, rental rifle or carbine & target.

Subjects Covered:

  • One on One instruction
  • Rifle and Carbine knowledge and Handling
  • Characteristics of the Rifle and Carbine
  • Disassembly and Maintenance
  • Fundamentals of rifle and carbine shooting
  • Zeroing the Rifle and Carbine
  • Shooting Positions
  • Malfunctions
  • Ballistics
  • Gear and Gear Placement

This course is designed for the person with little to no knowledge of the Rifle or Carbine or the shooter that has never attended any formal training on one and needs a refresher. This course is also beneficial for the shooter having trouble keeping consistent shots on target and needs to go back to basics.

This course utilizes both classroom instruction and range time. The hands on instruction enables high information retention from the shooter.

The range portion of this course instructs on how to properly attain a zero on the Rifle or Carbine utilizing proper sight-picture, trigger-control and breathing. It also covers the basic shooting positions and ready positions. Basic magazine changes and gear placement are also covered.

Note: A registration for this class is for one person. Multiple people can register. Other participants may also be added at the range before or on the day of the class.

Required Equipment:

60 rounds of ammunition.
A Semi-Automatic, magazine fed, iron-sighted or optic mounted Rifle or Carbine with an optional sling. Two or more magazines. A bolt action rifle can be used as well. Additionally, a belt with belt magazine holders and/or chest rig can be used.
Rifle or Carbine can be provided
Note: Ammunition and equipment can be purchased or rented at the range for range shooting portion of the course.




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