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LTC/CHL SHOOT ONLY/completed an online course

This is not a “how to shoot course” If you need an introductory course, we offer a LTC prep class. Please sign up for that class, if you have no shooting experience.

This class offers the shooting portion only of the LTC course. You must have completed the online course, if you choose this course.

You will also need to provide your LTC101 to the instructor for completion of the course.

All handguns will be inspected by instructors for the safety of the shooter, instructors, and other students. Unsafe handguns will not be allowed for the shooting proficiency test.

Any student not following safe gun handling procedures on the range or in the classroom will be ask to leave the classroom and range. NO REFUNDS for safety violations.

Number of Rounds Fired
The shooting test requires 50 rounds of ammunition

License-To-Carry Shooting Proficiency Distances
The LTC Shooting test is fired at three distances:

3 yards – 20 rounds fired
7 yards – 20 rounds fired
15 yards – 10 rounds fired

LTC Passing Score
The Texas LTC shooting test passing score is 175 points out of 250 points or a score of 70%. The state allows for three chances to pass the shooting test.


There are 3 classes scheduled for this course. Choose a scheduled class time below to continue: